Fabric Jobbers : Good Fabric Suppliers



Finding a good fabric jobber is not always the easiest task.  Although we do NOT promise that the jobbers you will find from the below resources are "good", you will at least have the opportunity to view several companies to contact.

Here are a few places to find textile jobbers so that you may begin your research:

Fabric Jobbers & Apparel Jobbers : directory from Apparel Search that provides a listing of jobbers that work in the clothing and textile industries.

Textile Jobbers and Brokers (TextileWeb) : TextileWeb is part of VertMarkets which is the leader in Supplier enablement, with solutions that connect Buyers and Suppliers through extensive industry-specific public & private Marketplaces.  Part of their online directory includes a section for textile jobbers.


Textile Industry Directory : the textile industry directory is more of a work in progress.  Currently not as good as the directories and guides listed above.  However, the site has a good foundation and will become more beneficial over time as more fabric stores post their information to the directory.



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