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What is poplin?  Well, that is funny you should ask.  People have also asked this question at the WiseGeek website.  Lets see how they answered when people asked, "what is poplin?".  In addition to their reply, you can read the poplin fabric definition on Apparel Search.  By the way, that particular poplin fabric definition is initially obtained under a general use license from Wikipedia.  It is slightly modified by Apparel Search, but the original basis is from the Wikipedia definition.  To view the most current Wikipedia version of the poplin fabric definition you can check out the poplin definition directly on their site.  If you would like to research the meaning further, you can also compare to the Brittanica definition (Brittanica Encyclopedia) or you can read how poplin is defined at TheFreeDictionary.com website.
What is the difference between oxford fabric and poplin fabric?
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