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Here is one of the best answers that we have found:
Question: What is ring-spun yarn?

Answer: Ring-spun yarn is a superior cotton yarn that results in a softer, more durable fabric than open-end yarn. The time-honored process of ring spinning requires two more processing steps than open-end yarn production and ring-spun yarn takes five times longer to produce. The additional steps involve continuously twisting and narrowing the rope of cotton fibers. This continuous fiber "helix" or twist gives ring-spun yarn extra softness and strength. The resulting garments feel softer wash after wash.  This answer was from Hanes.  If you are interested, you can learn more about HanesBrands Inc on Apparel Search.

If you still are not sure what ringspun cotton means, you can ask the question in the textile group section of the Fashion Industry Network.
Here is some information about ringspinning machinery suppliers: 

Rieter : ring spinning machinery.

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Ring Spinning Machinery China - Alibaba

Learn more about yarn spinning machinery on the Apparel Search textile machinery directory.  If you wish, you can learn more about yarn from the yarn definition section.

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